Our Growler System

Step 1

Select your beer from our constantly changing range and fill up one of our growlers, using our counter-pressure CO2 filling system which is guaranteed to keep the beer fresh.

Step 2

Store (if you must) in a cool dark place (the fridge is ideal) for up to four weeks.

Step 3

Serve chilled and once opened, drink within 2-3 days. Enjoy!

Step 4

Rinse or wash your growler thoroughly – no need to sterilise – come back to the shop and repeat, starting from Step 1.


As our range is constantly changing, the best way to know what’s currently on is to keep up to date with us on Twitter & Facebook — or simply give us a call or pop into the shop in person!

As a rule good beer doesn’t keep well. It’s an organic product so unless you kill it and stuff it full of preservatives (like most of the beer in most supermarkets) it’s just not going to keep, and nor should it. The enemies of a good beer are oxygen and sunlight. That’s why you’ll tend to enjoy the best beer fresh from the tap.

Fact – the best way to enjoy beer as the brewer intended is to drink it fresh from the keg. We use a counter-pressure filling system that ensures the beer stays fresh for up to four weeks without any loss of carbonation or freshness. This is the same technology employed by some Craft Brewers to bottle their beer at the brewery. The counter-pressure filling works by flooding the growler with CO2 and creating a pressurised environment free of oxygen. Beer then flows from the keg into the growler, slowly displacing the CO2. As the pressure in the growler is kept in balance the growler fills without foaming. Once capped, the beer remains pressurised and inert in the growler, allowing you to drink it whenever and wherever you like in optimum condition.